Establish a healthy physician-supervised non-pharmacological and nonsurgical weight management programs.
Thyroid Nodule, Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration,  Thyroid Cancer and our Low Iodine Diet.
Our Services
Whether it is second opinion or initial consultation, patients will benefit from a full evaluation that results in an individualized management plan that the patient follows under the care of his or her primary/referring physician. This thorough treatment plan addresses all aspects of managing the patient's disease and any related complications. Our team will use previous test results and may conduct additional diagnostic tests and coordinate care through your primary care physician. For those who wish ongoing disease management, after a thorough evaluation by our team, a patient can choose to become a continuing patient at our center.

From the moment you pick up the phone our friendly front desk staff will assist you in making an appointment, answering your questions and ensuring that all the information is gathered so that when you arrive, all of the pertinent information has been attained, ensuring a better consultation or follow up visit. Our nursing staff is knowledgeable on all aspect of endocrinology. We also have a knowledgeable Physician Assistant to complement our comprehensive team approach method for care. We treat all ages of patients and endocrine disorders.
Risk Factors, Screening, Treatment and Overview of Osteoporosis
Symptoms, Screening, and Treatment of Diabetes
Age Related Hormonal Changes, Menopause and Low Testosterone
Healing is a Process
Healing is a process that can be enhanced with the right care and environment. Every aspect of Edgewater Endocrinology and our family of programs and services is designed to promote healing. It is our mission  to use preventative care to offer our patients the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives.

We use a team approach to help coordinate aspects of your endocrine health. By working together, we can help you on the road to better health and more importantly, help you achieve lifestyle changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Learning to Cope, Manage & Live
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Lee N. Metchick, M.D.  F.A.C.E   Specialized in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism